The following are vehicles that Mo currently drives and enjoys.
Some he drives nearly everyday, and others are driven only occasionally.

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This is a group picture of some of Mo's vehicles taken in 2011.

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1933 Ford 5W Deluxe Coupe

Mo bought the car in 1968 as a frame and body, completed it in 1970 and has been driving it a bit every year since then. Currently the car has gone about 47,000 miles since completion and still runs the 1964 Buick Skylark power train that Mo installed in 1969.

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1933 Ford Roadster
1934 Ford Pickup

Mo built this '33 roadster from bits and pieces he gathered over about 20 years. The car runs a dressed 1948 Merc Flathead and 1936 transmission with 1948 gears. The car is lowered with reversed springs and has 1948 hydraulic brakes. The bent spoke wire wheels are powder coated Kelsey Hayes.

Mo built this '34 pickup from the ground up. It runs a dressed Chev small block with three carburetors and a turbo 350 transmission.The truck is chopped a subtle 2 inches.

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1939 Mercury Convertible
1934 Ford Sedan Delivery

Mo completed the '39 Merc in 1985 and drove it to Minneapolis for Street Rod Nationals. The car has a 1970 Nova front suspension and a Chev 350 turbo 350 powertrain. Since building the car Mo has driven it 104,000 miles all over Western Canada and the US.

Mo originally partially restored the 1934 Ford Sedan Delivery and drove it with a 1941 Ford Flathead engine and stock powertrain. More recently the fenders were painted black and the frame was replaced with another in which Mo had installed a Mustang II front suspension, Maverick 8 inch rear end and Chev 350 turbo 350 combination.

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1959 Sprite
1935 Ford Truck

Mo first purchased the Sprite in 1968 and later sold it to his brother who installed a newer 1200 CC engine. Mo bought it back in 1982 as an anniversary 1 present for his wife.

Mo built this 1935 Ford truck in 2003 to pull a 5th wheel. Mo used two 1935 ton and half farm trucks to build a widened, extended, three door cab on a 2000 GMC 2500 4X4 chassis. Since 2003, the truck has pulled a 5th wheel to Arizona three times and to Alaska, all the way to Seward.

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1941 Ford Convertible
1956 Mercury M100 Pickup

This 1941 Ford convertible was bought as a 1941 Mercury body and frame but Mo found a very nice 1941 Ford two door sedan donor car and used all the parts to restore the body. The car runs a 351 Ford Windsor engine and automatic transmission. The front suspension is Mustang II and the differential is a Ford 8 inch from a 1966 Fairlane.

This is a rare 1956 Mercury truck that was only built in Canada. In addition to the large Mercury letters on the hood and the M100 badges, the truck sports a Mercury script tail gate and tail lights. Mo lowered the truck and installed a 302 Ford engine and 4 speed standard overdrive transmission from a 1978 Ford Granada.

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1966 Fairlane GTA Convertible
1967 Chevelle Malibu

Mo bought and restored this Ford convertible in the late 80s. The car runs the original 335 hp 390 CID engine and C6 transmission.

This Chevelle is Mo's wife's one owner car. The car is original with its 283 engine and powerglide transmission.

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1927 Ford T Roadster Pickup

This vehicle was partially built in the early 1960s and Mo bought it in pieces about 1981. The truck runs a 1948 Ford Flathead engine and 1939 Ford transmission. The front axle is a dropped 1941 Merc unit with original reversed 15 inch Mercury wheels.

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1958 Meteor Ranchero

Ford of Canada only built 52 Rancheros with stylized trim in 1958 because production ceased in October of 1958. The truck runs a 1969 Mustang 390 CID engine and C6 transmission. Mo plans to paint the truck in the original Seafoam green and Colonial white colors.

Mo Hall is an accredited auto appraiser, vehicle valuator and SGI arbitration specialist in the Regina, Saskatchewan area. He is accedited and insured through the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta (SVAI) and has has been providing professional auto appraisal and SGI arbitration services in the Regina area since 1999. Mo is currently the government liaison for the SAACC (Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Clubs Corp.) regarding vehicle regulations and insurance. He was also on the committee that developed Appraisal Guidelines for the National Association of Automobile Clubs Canada (NAACC). Please contact Mo via email or by phone at 306-757-5921.