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Mo Hall specializes in SGI abritrations regarding total loss or insurance issues related to vintage vehicles, special interest autos, street rods and customs. In other words, Mo is most interested in any issues related to anything old or modified.

Mo is willing to intervene in resolving any SGI insurance issues and SGI arbitration cases regardless of the year of the vehicle, so just call Mo with your problem. In all cases, there is no charge unless the issue is resolved to your benefit.

Over the years, Mo has successfully resolved many insurance issues to the owner's benefit though negotiation with SGI or SGI arbitration.

Mo Hall is an accredited auto appraiser, vehicle valuator and SGI arbitration specialist in the Regina, Saskatchewan area. He is accedited and insured through the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta (SVAI) and has has been providing professional auto appraisal and SGI arbitration services in the Regina area since 1999. Mo is currently the government liaison for the SAACC (Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Clubs Corp.) regarding vehicle regulations and insurance. He was also on the committee that developed Appraisal Guidelines for the National Association of Automobile Clubs Canada (NAACC). Please contact Mo via email or by phone at 306-757-5921.