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Mo's accredited auto appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies and meet the requirements of the SVAI (Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute). Mo makes two bound copies of the appraisal that are typically about 16 pages long, one for the Insurance company and one for the owner's file.

These professional auto appraisals include a breakdown of the serial number where possible, a full description of the vehicle, 10 pictures and information on how the value varies with condition and how the value has changed over the last 20 years. Mo typically uses information from two price guides and at least three comparable vehicles to justify the appraised value.

Mo has an extensive collection of information on old vehicles such as price guides, trade publications and standard Catalogs, as well as personal knowledge of many local transactions and the cost of modifying or restoring vehicles.

Mo subscribes or has access to many auto related publications, which provide a current view of the market and the value of special interest vehicles. Mo has also worked as a judge at many car shows over the years, particularly in the area of street rods, antique and classic cars, where the winners were determined by ranking the quality of the different areas of the vehicle such as undercarriage, paint, upholstery etc.

Since 2002, Mo has attended the Barrett/Jackson Auction in Scottsdale Arizona, as well as other auctions in the Phoenix area such as the Russo and Steele, Silver and ICA auctions, to view the collector vehicles first hand and see the prices they demand.

Contact Mo for a professional accredited Antique Auto, Car or SGI Appraisal.

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Mo Hall is an accredited auto appraiser, vehicle valuator and SGI arbitration specialist in the Regina, Saskatchewan area. He is accedited and insured through the Specialty Vehicle Appraisal Institute of Alberta (SVAI) and has has been providing professional auto appraisal and SGI arbitration services in the Regina area since 1999. Mo is currently the government liaison for the SAACC (Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Clubs Corp.) regarding vehicle regulations and insurance. He was also on the committee that developed Appraisal Guidelines for the National Association of Automobile Clubs Canada (NAACC). Please contact Mo via email or by phone at 306-757-5921.